Terms of Business, Regulation and Registered Office

The Fiduciary Business Group comprises Fiduciary Business Services Limited and Fiduciary Legal which are entirely separate entities.

Fiduciary Business Services Limited

Fiduciary Business Services Limited is a UK limited liability company (company number: 8640611) with its registered office at 5 North Court, Clevedon Road, Richmond, London, TW1 2HS.

Click here for Fiduciary Business Services Non-Legal Terms of Engagement.

Fiduciary Business Services Limited frequently procures the legal services of Fiduciary Legal. For such matters, Fiduciary Business Services Limited’s terms of engagement are as provided in the Fiduciary Legal terms of business below.


Fiduciary Legal

(barrister regulated by the Bar Standards Board)



Fiduciary Legal is the trade name through which Stuart Pryke provides legal services and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board and has its registered office at 5 North Court, Clevedon Road, Richmond, London TW1 2HS.


Fiduciary Legal carries a minimum of £500,000 in professional indemnity insurance with Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited.


Disclosure requirements required under the Bar Code of Conduct, Bar Public Access Rules and the Provision of Services Regulations 2009 are dealt with in Fiduciary Legal’s Terms of Engagement (see link below).

Fees and Quotations

Professional, licenced access and lay clients may contact us to obtain a quotation for legal services. Our contact details are here:  Click here.

Our pricing for legal services is usually based on an hourly rate and, in the absence of an agreement to the contrary, will be based on the rate stated in our Terms of Engagement (see link below).


The areas of legal work in which are particularly involved are set out here: Click here.

It is not possible to state how long your case will take, as each case is different. We can discuss likely timeframes with you prior to our formal instruction.

Terms of Engagement

Fiduciary Legal only provides its services by way of procurement through Fiduciary Business Services Limited.

Click here for Fiduciary Business Services Terms of Engagement with Fiduciary Legal Terms of Engagement annexed.

Useful links

Link to the Decision Data on the Legal Ombudsman’s website: Click here.

Link to the Barrister’s Register on the Bar Standard’s Board website: Click here.




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