We advise wealthy people and their professional advisers as to the best way to structure their wealth so as to protect it from creditors, family disputes (such as divorce) and to reduce unnecessary exposure to tax. We also help with the reorganisation of people’s financial affairs when they are involved with financial structures which are no longer suitable for them.

We are frequently looking to the future and using our experience to anticipate problems that may occur years ahead. We are acutely aware that the ‘one size fits all’ solution rarely works. We work with a ‘clean sheet’ looking at individual family circumstances, their business issues, existing investment portfolios and external factors to produce bespoke solutions suited to our client’s needs.

Many of our clients are based in countries other than the UK or were born outside of the UK. Frequently they have financial interests, such as real estate, business interests and investment portfolios in countries other than where they live or they have an interest in diversifying their financial interests away from their home country.

Our clients come from across the Americas, Europe, Russia and CIS, Hong Kong and Asia and Australasia.

We are able to advise on certain tax issues ourselves but we frequently work closely with other expert tax advisers in order to minimise our clients’ exposure to tax.

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